About this Photographer

Gary Sugal is a professional photographer and photo-journalist as well as a professional musician based out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Gary's thirty years as a professional photographer has resulted in tens of thousands of photographs produced for brides and grooms, senior corporate officers along with photography assignments at numerous private events.

It is Gary's personal mission to help clients benefit from the many years of experience Gary has by coordinating events involving wedding photography, videography and live entertainment.

When asked "why do I shoot weddings?" my reply is simply because I love people. Every time we do a wedding we meet a new group of beautiful people, in beautiful surroundings which to me is exciting.

The art of photographing a wedding is artisically rewarding and of course a honor to do. My style, is photojournalism as I capture the moments when they happen. I like to have fun while I work and hope my photos reflect the joys of the day.

Every wedding I photograph has a story to tell of the wedding day. We start the day with bridal party prepartions, ceremony, and we stay until the very end of your wedding.

During a normal ten hour wedding day I shoot 800-1000 digital photos and of course I try to capture everything I feel the bride and groom would like to remember. I also include all of your high resolution digital files on a DVD in each and every package.

Your special day will have many memories recorded in a digital format and believe that you should own them all.

Finally, I also would like to say that I appreciate your taking the time to read "about me"

I look forward to photographing your wedding.
Gary Sugal