A Professional Photographer


It is a well known fact that MORE THAN 50% of all married couples are greatly disappointed by their wedding images.

Selecting the right photographer is one of the most important decisions you will have to make for your wedding day. The images captured will be with you all your life and you only get to have them done once as there is no re-takes.

Over the years I found that there is a BIG reason some photographers charge far more than others. Shooting a "wedding" is NOT and easy task nor is it for "every" photographer.

Just because your cousin has a digital camera or your best friend knows a "photographer" doesn't mean he/she knows how to coordinate and shoot the real deal a "WEDDING."

There are special skills that come together only after years of experience. Photographing a weddings can be VERY stressful for the photographer who doesn't have enough experience.

Documenting your wedding day is one of the most important concerns couples have preparing for there wedding day. My suggestion is that couples research the photographer thoroughly. Despite that it may "appear " as though shooting a wedding is easy it's anything but, it's actually on the list of " Most Stressful but Most Rewarding Careers."

OUR TIME IS MONEY: We prepare for a wedding by investing the necessary time to PREPARE for your event..
An average wedding can take up to THREE WEEK'S worth of time...both before and after the wedding.

Gary Sugal is a professional photographer who has worked throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Gary Sugal has more than 30 years experience photographing professional events.

SO What Makes a Great "WEDDING" Photographer?

1) WE LISTEN carefully to all client’s needs, offer suggestions where and when appropriate, concur all details with all coordinators.

2) Create a PHOTO time line together with you-- your family and freinds.

3) I AM LOCATION SCOUT noting the ideal areas for specific key shots in synchronicity with the photo time line so the wedding day flows effortlessly.

4) I'm a PREP GEAR fanatic and use THE BEST, fail-proof equipment, numerous camera bodies, lenses, flashes, filters, flash cards and batteries.

5) YES I HAVE A "PLAN B" for everything from weather issues and unforeseen schedule time delays to location logistic issues and beyond...

6) I DON'T ARRIVE ON TIME - I ARRIVE VERY EARLY on your big day, dress respectfully and I am totally prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for the long day ahead.

7) USE A SEASONED PHOTO ASSISTANTS as an extra set of hands to pass a lens, camera or camera body. I'm FAST. and efficent .. so we don't miss a priceless shot!

8) MAINTAIN A CALM, FUN-LOVING ATTITUDE while simultaneously being technically, socially and creatively proficient.

9) COORDINATE GROUPS & TAKE CHARGE while maintaining a courteous, professional, and entertaining attitude on a tight time schedule, (keeping the bride & groom from seeing one another of course!)

10) Have the TIMING & CONFIDENCE to jump in and grab a great shot spontaneously or coordinate others in advance to look beautiful.

11) INSURE YOUR IMAGES by defining a fail proof BACK-UP FILE SYSTEM in case the digital file cards fail. Our cameras make a duplicate shot of a scene .. one on the CF card and one on a SDHC card.

12) SHOOT & CREATE AMAZING IMAGES that are beautiful, sentimental, flattering and creative. Images that go FAR beyond the expected, ordinary, standard wedding photography. After-all, this is one of the most important days of your life!

13) I EDIT & RETOUCH using the most flattering but NATURAL-looking method.

14) USE THE BEST ALBUM manufacturers in the world as well as long established LABS for processing and custom printing, master retouching and color enhancement.


To do ALL this takes TIME, PRIDE, PASSION and CARE.
Ask yourself: "How important are your wedding day images?"

TIME IS MONEY: Anyone charging less MUST be is cutting corners someplace to survive. There is just no way around it. "You get what you pay for."

As glamorous as it may "look" shooting a wedding takes a lot of mental creative, physical, psychological and emotional energy to be a part of such an incredible event. A great wedding photographer must be a great multi-tasker, flexible and sensitive to the emotions of the day, technically proficient, artistically creative, socially warm, funny & professional and have confident, leadership qualities! It takes a lot! A GREAT photographer is prepared on prepared on all levels.

A GREAT photographer can be fun, sensitive, quick-thinking and make a big quantity of consistent, amazing images every time!